Types of Membership

Individual Members:

PMI Membership Fees

  •  US$129 to join (plus US$10 application fee).

  •  US$129 to renew.

  •  PMI Mauritius Chapter US$20.

Student Members:

If you are enrolled full time in a degree-granting program at a college or university that has U.S. accreditation, or the global equivalent, you are eligible for a PMI student membership. Your membership publications will be delivered electronically to your email address. This membership offer does not include print publications sent to you via postal mail.

PMI Membership Fees

  • US$32 to join.

  • US$32 to renew.

  • PMI Mauritius Chapter $10.

Retiree Members:
  • If you have been a PMI member in good standing for five consecutive years and have retired from active employment, you can take advantage of a discounted retiree membership.

  • PMI Membership Fees

  • US$65 to renew.

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