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The future isn't something you sit around waiting for

The future of Project Managers is fluid, dynamic and goal-oriented

Few appreciated the far-ranging impact the first Industrial Revolution would have, as it was happening. The moving assembly line brought a radical transformation that extended well beyond Ford’s Model T. With the Industrial Age came a whole new set of business practices, shifting cultures, restructured organizations and transportable skills. The future of work would never be the same.

A century later, the future of work has once again become a central topic. Technological advancements and automation are provoking a business transformation every bit as radical as the one set in motion a hundred years ago. Uncertainty related to the climate crisis, food and water scarcity, demand for housing to address population growth, and global political instability are disrupting business as usual -- and creating tremendous pressure on organizations to evolve or die.

We’re coming to realize that the disruptive impact of new technologies has rendered formerly best-in-class practices too slow and static; that the downside of traditional hierarchies, once tolerable, can now be fatal to an operation; that next-generation knowledge workers, increasingly, are less interested in lifetime employment than in fulfilling, engaging assignments that allow them to build skills and experiences they can take anywhere. More and more, workers will be hired, grouped and regrouped according to the knowledge, experience, and capabilities they bring to the specific projects that deliver the most value to an organization’s stakeholders. Once executives start structuring their entire organization around the portfolio of projects that deliver the most value to their stakeholders, they have much more flexibility in terms of how they hire, train, assign, engage, and retain a capable, high-performing workforce.

Project sustainability is now gaining grounds in project management and is changing the dynamics of the implementation of a variety of projects. The PMI Mauritius Annual conference 2022 will be an opportunity to explore the transformation the Project Management profession is currently undergoing. And at the same time how the growing demand for projects to be sustainable is shaping the world. The future isn't you sit around waiting for, the future is the reality you decide to create - your action will turn ideas to reality.

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