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Design Thinking Workshop

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Project Management is about much more than Gantt Chart and Rolling Wave planning. It’s about people. Teamwork. Collaboration. Leadership, Motivation. That’s why at PMI Mauritius, as a leading PM association we aim to empower people to make ideas a reality.

At PMI chapter of Mauritius we understand that the profession is changing and so does the expectation of our members. On Saturday 23rd July, we have kicked-off our new mandate with ‘Design Thinking Workshop’ to walk our members through the user-centric approach to generate creative ideas and also for us as a chapter to listen to the inner voice and align our activities so that we bring value in our members career growth.

The workshop was a half day session at Voila hotel, bagatelle facilitated by specialists in the field from National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC). The first part of the session was about detailing out the design thinking approach. During the hands-on session, participants had the opportunity to experience design thinking and build a wallet prototype – which draw lots of creativity from the attendees.

The most awaited part from the chapter was to empathise with our members (listen to the inner voice of our members) - about their concerns and challenges to shine in their career as project manager. The enthusiasm was at its peak, we had a very active participation from the audience and sharing of their life as project manager. The key concerns that top the list are: the role of the project manager being misunderstood inside the corporate world. It extends from stakeholders trivialising the role, lack of leadership team support through to over-expectation and to assigning the failure solely to project managers (not to say project managers are easy scape goats).

Following this insightful feedback, the board will review and discuss how we can best serve our members and project managers in Mauritius at large. We have understood it clearly that members expect advocating for the project management profession and make it convincing how project managers add value to projects. The attendees also feel strongly that they need sharing and interacting with among fellow project managers. As well as support in terms of mentoring and building their soft skills in view to excel in project delivery.

On behalf of the board of PMI chapter of Mauritius, we would like to thank all the attendees to the design thinking workshop and show our appreciation for sharing their insight. Looking forward to a productive collaboration among all stakeholders in the domain including the chapter, members of the chapter, project managers, corporate and government bodies to make a positive impact on the Mauritian landscape.

PMI Chapter of Mauritius.

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